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Growing up, I became interested in music after hearing Benny Goodman tunes.  I wanted to play the clarinet just like him.  My parents supported me and my hat goes off to them for putting up with the countless hours of honks, squeaks, and other noises that came from hours of practicing.  Eventually, these practice sessions led to a 3-week tour of Europe with a high school musical ensemble and a growing appreciation for other musical instruments - the alto and tenor saxophone.  These instruments were pursued through college.

Loving music, I explored many forms and genres.  Jazz and classical music are appreciated art forms to me.  After meeting my wife, Heather, she opened me to the world of Broadway musicals and show tunes.  We have spent many trips to New York City to see at least one or two shows per season.

With my wife's support, we formed JBS Entertainment in 1996, serving Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.  Early events were mostly for friends and family.  Since that time, I have learned the importance of networking, education, and support with other professional entertainers who many will consider leaders in the industry.  We are regular attendees and have spoken at National Disc Jockey Conferences and have been featured in National Trade Publications like DJ Times and Mobile Beat Magazine.

In April 2007, JBS Entertainment met the qualifications to be certified as an Endorsed Professional Entertainer by the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.


All the Best,

Joe Staniszewski
JBS Entertainment